Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to apply?
Applications should be made as soon as possible, particularly for certain degrees, such as medicine, veterinary and dentistry (deadline 15th of October).  Nevertheless if you apply late, even in late August, the chances are that KPC will still be able to find you a place. However we encourage you to apply as soon as possible and preferably between 1st of September to 30th of June.

I do not know what to study or which university to attend?
That is no problem at all. KPC, through its detailed counselling sessions, will give you all the necessary information you need to know and will assist you in finding the right degree and course for you.

I do not know whether my qualifications are enough for entry into a UK University?
This is exactly why KPC is here. Our experienced team will be able to give you all the options and information you need for gaining entrance at a UK University. The chances are that you have enough qualifications to be admitted as UK Universities offer many options for studying, even for ‘weak’ students.

I already have applied and I have been given a conditional offer! However I did not manage to meet the conditions of the offer. Can I apply to other Institutions?
Yes. The way UCAS system and University works give you the opportunity to find a University at the end of the day with your new circumstances. Nevertheless each case is different and as such evaluated individually.

Why should I study in the UK?
Because UK Universities are well organized and virtually offer any degree you wish to study. They enjoy a high prestige among employers and academics and are well-established around the globe. By graduating from a UK University you will have all the tools and skills as to enable you to find a solid employment. Moreover UK is a fascinating country which will offer you many opportunities.

I am studying at another Institution in Cyprus or abroad, can I transfer my credits to a UK University?
Yes you can. This will depend on the course you want to follow, the credits and grades obtained. Every year many students decide to continue their studies at a UK University.

What about Accommodation?
All first years students and many postgraduates, are guaranteed accommodation at the University halls if apply on-time. Nevertheless, private accommodation is also available within the distance of Universities thus finding a good place to stay should not be a problem at all.

Do I need a visa to enter into the UK?
If you come from Cyprus or any other European country then No visa is required. International applicants will need to apply for a student visa and KPC is happy to assist you with the Visa procedures.

How much does it cost to study and are there any funding opportunities? Compared to other countries, are UK Studies cheaper?
Tuition Fees for undergraduate courses are the same in all UK Universities. In the year 2010-2011 the fees were set to £3225. Foundation and Postgraduates tuition fees vary depending on course chosen etch, but again most charges are within logical limits. Funding is also available through scholarships, bursaries and Loans. UK as an educational destination is cheaper compared to other countries, especially for EU students. 

Why should I use Knowledge Power Services?
Because KPC will safely guide you into UK Education. Our educational counselors are always available to answer any enquiries you or your families have. Through the methodology we use, each student achieves the best outcome possible. We are committed in providing you a qualified and quality service as to begin your studies in the right direction. With KPC you have nothing to worry!